Biden Offers Vaccines Developed by Trump as Free Gift to China

Now they won't even have to hack anything. Beijing Biden's gonna give it away to them.

The Department of Justice on Tuesday accused two Chinese nationals, who it said were working on behalf of the Chinese government, of stealing trade secrets and hacking into computer systems of firms working on the Covid-19 vaccine.

According to the 11-count indictment, Li Xiaoyu, 34, and Dong Jiazhi, 33, conducted a global hacking campaign for more than a decade. The indictment alleges that the defendants were able to successfully steal terabytes of data from the United States as well as Australia, Belgium, Germany, Japan, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Spain, South Korea, Sweden and the United Kingdom. 

Now the hacks are coming from the inside.

Biden's sales pitch was that he would somehow be better at deploying the vaccines than President Trump's administration which pulled off the rapid development of the vaccines. He never explained how or why he would do this. Now he's nuking the entire development process by backing a patent waiver for coronavirus vaccines in order to help third-world countries.

A patent waiver for the vaccines isn't actually needed if the goal is to quickly provide doses. But it is if the goal is to completely trash the vaccine development process that President Trump pulled off with Operation Warp Speed. 

The only country able to rapidly roll out production fast enough to take advantage of the waiver is the People's Republic of China.

China's vaccine program has been a miserable failure (though not apparently its virus program) so this is its best bet for cashing in while trashing our ability to rapidly develop and deploy a vaccine again.

I'm no fan of the pharmaceutical industry, but major companies made a deal with the Trump administration to pull off a moonshot that Biden is now going to hand over to China.

They're not likely to make the same mistake twice.

“This is a global health crisis, and the extraordinary circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic call for extraordinary measures,” U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai said in a statement announcing the move.

Who put Tai in charge? Oh right, Beijing Biden.

And every Senate member who voted to unanimously confirm her only for Tai to turn out to be every bit as radical as the rest of Biden's appointees.

Now it's a little late for regrets as the US "trade representative" does the usual Democrat thing by dismantling US trade

"Not only is the biopharmaceutical industry one of China’s targets for dominance in its Made in China 2025 strategy, but the Department of Justice handed out indictments last summer in connection with the Chinese government’s attempts to steal U.S. Covid research," Senate Finance ranking member Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) said.

“Looking ahead to the next pandemic, it is dangerous for America to consent to strip away patents on lifesaving Covid vaccines now that cost businesses billions of dollars to develop at a historic pace — and to reward China with access to U.S. innovation for a world pandemic China created," House Ways and Means ranking member Kevin Brady (R-Texas) said.

Biden wins. America loses.


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