Elizabeth Warren Puts Out a Post-Campaign Memoir Blaming Defeat on Sexism

It's normal for candidates to put out a campaign memoir, a post-campaign memoir for a losing candidate, especially one who performed so poorly that she barely qualified as an also-ran is even weirder.

But let's just speculate that Senator Elizabeth Warren, with millions to her name and a burning hatred of the 1%, wants more cash.

'Persist' is a belated monetization of her hashtag, long after Chelsea Clinton got there first. Mostly though it's an attempt at getting all her donors to pony up for yet another Warren item, this time a tract covering all her talking points and blaming her defeat on sexism.

And assuring everyone that she'll be around as long as Massachusetts voters put up with a fragile, obnoxious, and unlikable leftist politician.

Warren, like Obama, really doesn't need another memoir or campaign book, she's done enough of them already. And, like Obama, we know everything about her story, without ever knowing the real story.

A real Warren book might honestly answer questions like why she posed as Cherokee, and why she went from Libertarian and Republican, and a ruthless corpo lawyer to a militant Socialist, but it's Warren's MO to spew talking points without ever honestly addressing her strange biography.

Warren was the biggest loser of the plausible candidates and left the race with little to show for it having burned bridges with both moderates and the Bernie camp. Bernie got more from Biden than Warren did. And so did Kamala and Buttigieg. Warren came away with much less to show for it except some gigs for her allies. 

And yet, as the title signals, she persists. But the only thing Warren has ever persisted in doing is, like Obama, building her own brand. And yet it's a particularly weak brand.

Elizabeth Warren lost because Bernie won over lefties far better than she could and she was unable to match Biden's connection to black voters leaving her between both key bases of the party. Warren persists, but all her persistence gets her is another year in the Senate. 

Massachusetts has a history of going for liberal Republicans. Just ask Mitt Romney. And that means that her persistence may be running out.


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