Facebook's Trump Ban Isn't Just Censorship: It's Voter Suppression

Social media platforms have the right to ban individual users who violate their policies, as libertarians are eager to tell us.

But when platforms that are already monopolies begin systematically targeting conservatives who represent half the country, but a tiny fraction of the employees and leadership of those monopolies, that's systemic discrimination and it's also an attack on free speech and free elections to the extent that those platforms control whether political candidates can reach audiences, raise money, and win elections.

It's voter suppression.

The ban on President Trump is voter suppression to the power of ten. 

Like the efforts to suppress damaging stories about Biden's son, these bans were clumsily justified using rationales that shift on a regular basis. In its latest move, Facebook's Oversight Board, its attempt at creating an "independent judiciary" (a creepy notion from a Big Tech monopoly that already acts like a government), kicked the issue back to Facebook. 

The dot com monopoly and the phony organization it created are just passing the buck back and forth. It's the same phony move we've seen from the attempts to justify the Hunter Biden censorship on social media in which process is used to create some sort of sense of deliberation when it's actually just inventing rationales for profoundly abusive behavior.

Whom does this particular decision come from? "The Oversight Board’s decisions are prepared by panels of five Members and approved by a majority of the Board. Board decisions do not necessarily represent the personal views of all Members."

So much for transparency.

The bottom line is that dot com monopolies, the media, and their lefty non-profit allies want to suppress conservative views. Everything else is a pretext for a totalitarian process.


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