HAMAS CAUCUS: Rep. Pocan: Iron Dome Means Israel Shouldn't Fight Back

The Hamas Caucus of the Democrats has been in a sharp race to the bottom with bad takes outstripping bad takes.

No one, including AOC, may ever be able to top this tweet from Kansas State Rep Aaron Coleman, (Rose Twitter) "In my humble progressive Jewish opinion: Israel has forfeited the right to Independence. Walking into mosques and killing unarmed people is another war crime committed by this apartheid genocidal nation. The solution: full embargo of Israel until they join U.S as 51st state."

Rep. Mark Pocan, (House Democrat - unfortunately) whose shtick has been hating Israel long before the Squad ever got here has been trying.

“I’ve always supported the Iron Dome. Because the idea is when a missile comes in, if you take it out, no one’s been killed on either side, and there’s de-escalation,” Pocan argued. “If you use it for that purpose, then you still send 20 times the number of missiles back, that’s not the intention.”

According to Pocan, the Iron Dome defense system should be used as a passive defense system that eliminates the need to fight back.

The Iran Lobby and the Muslim Brotherhood may not have troubled to inform Pocan that rockets still get through and Israelis, including children, have died.

A passive defense system stops some attacks, but it doesn't eliminate the need to stop the attacks at the source.

Pocan's argument is that a cop with a bulletproof vest doesn't need to shoot the guy who's firing at him. And I'm sure the police defunders will make that argument soon enough.


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