LA is Burning

It's surprising, but letting crazy junkies camp out on your street doesn't lead to good things. Beyond drug overdoses, typhus, and a high rate of violent assaults... there are fires.

A whole lot of fires.

As the homeless crisis continues to grow in the city of Los Angeles, the fire department is responding to an increasing number of fires at encampments.

In 2018, there was an average of seven fires a day at encampments and in 2021, that number has more than tripled to 25. Fires involving the few hundred homeless who live at the Venice Beach boardwalk has been such a problem, the L.A. Fire Department has added a fast-response vehicle on patrol to put fires out before they spread.

A few hundred homeless. A whole lot of fires. On a constant basis.

But that's what happens when you subsidize crazy junkies and shut down the criminal justice system.

The LAFD tells Eyewitness News they're focused on educating themselves and the public on safe cooking and heating tools to avoid fires, and believe the larger footprint will help keep everyone safe.

How's appeasement working out so far? Education isn't working and there's no enforcement. That means there'll be fires. And that's really dangerous in a state that's already a tinderbox.

Not all the fires are accidental, some are arson and longtime Venice resident Shawn Stern is afraid the LAFD vehicle will only serve as a Band-Aid.

"If you have a failed plan, and you continue to do the same failed plan even with all the money the governor wants to give, it's not gonna change unless you change the plan. The plan doesn't work. Time to reevaluate. Help these people. People are dying in the streets," said Stern.

The homeless-industrial complex is too busy cashing in. Just wait till the next multi-billion dollar tax hike for the homeless.

The more damage they do, the more of an excuse the Democrats have to raise taxes. 


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