Leftists Respond w/Rabid Hate to Justice Breyer's Call to Find "Common Ground"

"What a narcissistic power-hungry egotist," Ayelet Waldman screeched. The hateful leftist spouse of extremist author Michael Chabon was responding to Justice Stephen Breyer's call for finding common ground.

Lefties had already been furious at Breyer for refusing to resign. And then for urging Democrats to respect the rule of law.

But this genial chat was what really made social media lefties lose their minds.

The country may be increasingly divided along partisan lines, but Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer said Friday that he remains optimistic that America's system of democracy will continue to work.

“I am basically optimistic, and I don't know how much that's justified,” Breyer said.

The 82-year-old justice, who has spent more than 25 years on the court, said that when he worked on Capitol Hill, his former boss, Sen. Edward Kennedy, used to say that the country swings, “sometimes to extremes in one way, sometimes to extremes the other way, but it sort of rights itself eventually." Breyer suggested he agrees.

Breyer also talked about finding common ground. He noted that, during the coronavirus pandemic, people in his neighborhood came together to help one another, and he said there are “dozens of parts of public life where people can work together.”

“I think we still have that ability and that talent. And so I’m optimistic,” he said.

Lawmakers, he said, can come together, too, if that's what their constituents want. “When enough people in the country say, ’Look, what I really want is what we learned in the fifth grade, that people work together,' they’ll get it,” he said.

There was a very particular line that really brought out the rage of social justice lefties. 

"If you need Republican support, talk to them. 'My friend, what do you think?' Get them talking and they'll eventually say something you agree with."

That line was embedded in a Vox rant which quickly got fired off around the leftysphere.

Breyer is saying what some Senate Democrats think, but don't actually dare to say, which is that if they really want to get things done, they could tamp down the crazy government takeover stuff like H.R. 1, drop the Jan 6 commission nonsense, and do the usual D.C. thing. Breyer isn't worried about being primaried by AOC, he's getting as much of that treatment as the current stable of lefties can manage. But they can still rabidly hate him on social media for dampening the fake narrative created by their media.

The attacks on Breyer, on Manchin and Sinema are part of an invisible civil war within the Democrats as lefties strive to purge any moderates and build a truly radical movement willing to do anything.

Except that voters already signaled that they don't want the Red Guard running things. And I mean Democrat voters. Bernie Sanders lost. So did Elizabeth Warren. Democrat voters picked Biden because he promised to be moderate. Unsurprisingly he lied.

Now Biden's radical agenda is running into the procedural obstacles of the system and a handful of moderate Democrats.

Spewing venom at Justice Breyer for suggesting that they learn to get along with Republicans instead of fantasizing about destroying them.

Vox headlines its attack on Breyer by accusing him of scolding "his fellow liberals." But Breyer isn't talking to liberals, he's scolding leftists who don't want a country, but a permanent revolution.

Ayelet Waldman is projecting. As usual. It's her faction of extremists that are the narcissistic power-hungry egotists.


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