Muslim Attacks on Jews in New York Continue Despite Empty Talk from Politicians

If you want to stop attacks on people, whether it's elderly Asians or Jews, you need to deploy law enforcement.

Los Angeles, to its credit, appears to have actually listened. I haven't seen this much of an LAPD presence ever. And the attacks seem to have abated. Meanwhile, Mayor Bill de Blasio in New York City is still riding the police defunding train. And the attacks on Jews are piling up.

Authorities in New York are searching for three suspects believed to be involved in two antisemitic incidents that occurred in Brooklyn over the weekend, according to NBC New York. 

The New York Police Department says three men on Saturday began harassing a group of Orthodox Jews who were standing outside of a synagogue in Borough Park.

“Earlier today Orthodox Jews were harassed in front of this Shul [synagogue] on 16th Avenue by a group of males yelling ‘Free Palestine - kill all the Jews,” Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein tweeted. 

“We are hearing of multiple similar incidents that occurred over Shabbos [Sabbath]. These perpetrators must be brought to justice,” he added. 

More details are emerging.

Police said roughly 45 minutes later, the same group was suspected of attacking two Jewish teenagers.

The men allegedly made antisemitic statements, punched the victims and then chased them with a baseball bat. One of the attackers put a 17-year-old victim in a chokehold, according to police.

And more of the same.

A 29-year-old Jewish man in New York City claims he was attacked in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood for wearing a Star of David necklace, The New York Post reported on Saturday.

"What is that around your neck – does that make you a f**king Zionist?" Tobias claimed the attacker shouted before punching him in the face.
Speaking to The New York Post from his home in Brooklyn, Tobias said “I wasn’t expecting that, walking down the street. It happened before I could react. It was all for nothing – for wearing a necklace.”

This is the defunding city.

Mayor Bill de Blasio visited Borough Park's 66th Precinct police stationhouse and assured Orthodox leaders that anyone committing hate crimes would be arrested and prosecuted.

“The perpetrators of these incidents will be found,” de Blasio said. “We’ve talked about it in detail. They will be found. They will be prosecuted. They will suffer the consequences.”

The one attacker they've caught so far is already out on bail.


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