The New Terror Campaign Against Israel Coincidences With Biden's New Pro-Terror Policies

The Islamic terror campaigns against Israel follow clear and reliable patterns.

1. They usually happen in the spring/summer period. 

2. They usually follow some 'inciting incident' meant to lure Israel into an exchange of fire. 

3. They take place during some effort by a US administration or the EU to appease the terrorists.

It's no coincidence that this latest assault by Hamas and Fatah follows a series of pro-terrorist measures by the Biden administration, including the restoration of funding to the terrorists, and a series of covert concessions to Iran.

Or that Iran is responding to those concessions with increased confrontations, including escalations against US naval vessels, and now the rocket attacks on Israel. This is a region where any weakness is exploited through a series of tests to see just how much 'give' there is. The usual useful idiots are only happy to reboot the same old anti-Israel rhetoric, clamoring about apartheid and holding up atrocity photos. And the Biden admin is equally happy to play the game of positioning itself halfway between AOC and the remaining (at least on paper) pro-Israel Democrats, which is to say being anti-Israel while wearing the facade of being pro-Israel by defining the new center as being between the extreme and the mainstream.

That means demanding that Israel stop bombing Hamas, start making concessions, and stop following the land of its own land.

That's exactly the outcome that Hamas and Fatah, and Iran, expected, and you can bet that they'll get it too if the history of the Obama administration is any guide.





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