Pelosi: Masks For Thee, But Not For Me

Masks, according to House Speaker Pelosi, are very urgent. It's why she's continuing to fight to enforce a mask mandate in the House.

Meanwhile, she can be seen on this video mingling in the White House with nary a mask in sight. That includes her signature luxury silk masks.

Which science is this again?

The science of political convenience. This isn't the first time that Pelosi was caught breaking the rules. It won't be the last. But the rules are about power. Breaking the rules just shows she has the power.

Pelosi's response will, inevitably, be that Republicans represent a greater risk for virus transmission because they're bad people. And there's no Republicans at the Biden White House.

Just like reopening protests had to be shut down as a virus risk while Black Lives Matter riots could roll on across the country.


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