Pro-Terror Mob Attacks Pro-Israel Activists in Canada

As bad as things are in the United States, they've been worse in Canada for a while as the 2002 riot in Concordia showed. This footage of assaults on pro-Israel activists isn't quite as bad, but it's up there.

Material posted by Toronto Jewish Advocacy shows repeated assaults by thugs with keffiyahs over their heads. There's also a report of a sexual assault.

Bnai Brith Canada has a statement.

“We condemn in the strongest terms these brazen acts of assault, intimidation, and hate targeting members of Toronto’s Jewish community and supporters of Israel. There is absolutely no justification for political violence in the streets of Toronto, whatever one’s cause may be. To put it bluntly: Those who hate Israel so much that it inspires them to pelt eggs and assault their fellow Canadians aren’t just a threat to Jews. They threaten the very fabric of Canadian society.

The media headline is, "Thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters gather at Nathan Philips Square to denounce violence."

The only mention of the violence is, "Dozens of people carrying Israeli flags also showed up at Nathan Phillips Square. Police officers separated the two groups by forming a line in between them."

The story is listed as having been contributed to by the AP. Meanwhile, you can see the reality of the protest against violence on the video.

Bonus, here's a frame of a London rally against "violence" featuring guys in Saddam Hussein shirts. 

Don't worry, it's also mostly peaceful.


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