Pro-Terrorist Rioters Attack Jews Across Manhattan

In today's article, I discussed the growing wave of antisemitic violence in Los Angeles. But where LA politicians offered swift condemnation of those attacks, the much larger wave of attacks in New York City has been met with silence from Cuomo de Blasio, and Schumer.

And that's not surprising.

New York is AOC territory. And condemning antisemitism risks falling afoul of the various lefty power blocs trying to carve up the city. Top that off with a year in which Cuomo and de Blasio, along with the media, openly targeted Orthodox Jews and blamed them for the spread of the virus, without a single word of protest or dissent, and you have the formula for the attacks by terror supporters now happening across Manhattan.

The criminal justice system had already been shut down. New York politicians had made it clear that antisemitism was a new political norm.

As of now, Andrew Yang and Eric Adams have also failed to comment on the attacks. The videos however are everywhere.

A pro-Palestinian demonstration in Midtown Manhattan turned violent after pro-Palestinian protesters engaged in violence against Jewish onlookers after making their way to the Diamond District.

Pro-Palestinian activists, who were part of a vehicle convoy, hurled anti-Semitic expletives at Jewish onlookers and lobbed incendiary devices at police and Jewish people who gathered in the area.

Footage of the violence unfolded on social media as pro-Palestinian protesters were seen yelling “f*ck you Jews.”

“In the diamond district and a group of Palestine’s came through and threw explosives at the Jews. Lord have mercy,” wrote an onlooker Erica Diggs who captured the violence.

Two people have apparently been hospitalized, one with burns and another with a concussion. But I'm not entirely clear if these are separate cases. The lack of any outside news coverage has made it difficult to glean specific facts.


This Commentary post sums it up fairly well.

In the city Schumer represents, in the state he represents, Jews are being attacked for being Jews and demonstrators are supporting a terrorist group that is firing rockets at Jews. Where is this vaunted shomer, this supposed guardian of his people? Spiritually cowering under his desk, terrified of a primary challenge from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in his 2022 election. His only significant action since hostilities began was supporting a bipartisan ceasefire statement. At the beginning of the week. The statement did say Israel has the right to defend itself. How nice. And how about my kids walking on the streets of Manhattan, Chuck? Who’s defending them, if only rhetorically? Hey, Chuck: How about your kids?

I am focusing on Chuck Schumer because he is the second or third most important Democratic elected official in America, and his silence speaks volumes about his party’s heartbreaking and disgusting refusal to confront the increasingly unmasked and open anti-Semitism spewing from the mouths and tweets of AOC and her fellow Squad members and other terrorist apologists in the House... There is murder in the air. Do not mistake it for anything else. And do not mistake cravenness, and cowardice, and rancid ambition for anything else, either.

The new normal in America is the European normal. If you wondered how places like Malmo drove out the Jews, this is it.


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