Republicans Should Demand Any Jan 6 Commission Also Investigate May 31

When the horse is dead, you should probably stop beating it.

Jan 6 has been dead for a while. It paid off for a few months, but as we head toward June, House Democrats and their media still keep talking about some sort of bipartisan commission to investigate the Capitol Riot. 

If the Democrats want an investigation so badly, then they can include the May 31 protest.

Or is an attack on the White House by Black Lives Matter somehow not serious enough to merit an investigation?

Democrats decided that it was okay to riot, to smash and burn government property, until they briefly decided on Jan 6 that fighting with police officers was a horrifying crime, before once again deciding that it was a truly wonderful form of protest.

A very basic question, one which Republicans have failed to ask, would be, "Which is it?"

When Democrat rioters assaulted the White House and tried to burn the Church of Presidents, the Democrats claimed that suppressing the riots was fascism. 

We either have the rule of law. Or we don't.

The rule of law begins with the basic question of whether we treat all crimes and offenses equally. Any discussion about a commission has to begin there.


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