San Jose Mass Shooting Was Another Intel Failure: Not a Gun Control Issue

Biden and the Democrats are using the San Jose mass shooting to pitch gun control. Again.

And, again, the mass shooting was yet another intelligence failure in which law enforcement didn't intervene at the right time.

In 2016, federal officials detained the San Jose man accused of killing nine of his colleagues last week, finding him with books on terrorism and detailed writings about how much he hated the people at his work — but nobody bothered to alert local authorities, according to reports.

Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen told USA Today Friday the intel might have helped prevent the mass attack by Samuel Cassidy Wednesday that resulted in the deaths of nine employees at the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority light rail hub.

“The DA’s office was not notified,” Rosen said, adding he wasn’t aware of a single agency in the area that was told this information. “I would like to have known this in 2016.”

A good deal of the mass shootings in this country come down to intervention and information sharing failures like this one.

But the Democrats keep weakening law enforcement, especially when it comes to arrests and information sharing, but they double down on gun control when that's not the issue.

Mass shooters have been able to get guns in Europe to carry out mass killings. And some of the worst mass killers in the world didn't even use guns. Meanwhile, the Democrats keep advocating defunding the police and dismantling law enforcement while holding out gun control as the solution for everything.


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