While Jews Are Attacked by Pro-Terror Mobs, Media Focuses on Firing of Anti-Israel Activist

The media and its priorities are a twisted mirror image of the country and basic decency.

While Jews were being violently assaulted by racist pro-terror mobs in Los Angeles and New York City, the media was obsessed with the firing of Emily Wilder, a militant anti-Israel activist with the SJP campus hate group and with JVP, an anti-semitic hate group that has pushed blood libels.

The Washington Post's "fact-checker" Glenn Kessler falsely described Wilder as being the victim of an online mob. In reality most pro-Israel activists were focused on the Hamas war against Israel, and paid little attention to the Wilder hire.

In a media environment in which disinformation troll Sheera Frenkel, who got famous after she lied about the Hamas kidnapping and murder of three Jewish teens, has a job writing about Israel for the New York Times, and in which the AP was all but caught in bed with Hamas, this sort of thing has long since become the new normal.

It wasn't even pro-Israel activists, but College Republicans who called attention to Wilder's hateful past. The Federalist had a decent write-up and Canary Mission did its usual excellent job of listing Emily Wilder in its database of campus haters with the usual ugliness.

Nobody expected the AP to fire Emily Wilder and they were surprised when it did. 

Right then, Wilder became the poster girl for accusations of conservative cancel culture. That's obviously not cancel culture. When you fire a plumber for once saying something inappropriate on social media, that's cancel culture because it punishes people in a non-political field over politics.

Firing someone in a political field over politics, e.g. elected office, journalism, is not cancel culture because politics is their actual job.

And Wilder has just been catapulted from the bottom rung of the AP to a likely major media job with a column before the year is over.

Meanwhile, the media's feigned outrage over Wilder's firing was pitched at a far higher volume than the sight of Jews being beaten by mobs in major cities.

Firing a supporter of an antisemitic hate group was an outrage. Media pros fumed about a "mob". Meanwhile the same major papers dedicating all those columns to Wilder, couldn't be bothered to do more than a cursory story about the violent assaults by actual mobs against Jews.

Nor did these assaults show up in any outraged columns. And that's part of why they happen.

The media hates Israel and Jews. It turns nasty creatures like Emily Wilder or Steven "Zionists: transforming anti-semitism from something horrible into something honorable since 1948" Salaita into martyrs when they occasionally face some consequences for their hate.

And it looks away when Jews are being violently assaulted in the streets by the mobs who share their hate for Israel and Jews.


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