Why Won't Facebook Reveal the 5 Names of its Secret Trump Tribunal?

In my article on Facebook's Oversight Board from last year, I noted that it was a horrible collection of lefty figures tied to Soros along with a smattering of Muslim Brotherhood types.

Facebook claims to have set up the board for transparency, yet its process of having a five-member panel judge a case, followed by a general board review, omits one basic element which is the names of that panel.

The names of the board members are public, the names of the five panelists from the board are not.

Alan Rusbridger, a former lefty Guardian editor, who sits on the board, promised the 'inside scoop' on the board's decision in President Trump's censorship case. Despite the sales pitch, he actually tells us almost nothing relevant and the names of the fab five are still being kept secret.

"The Trump decision was reached through the processes we’ve devised ourselves. A panel of five – with a good spread of regional backgrounds – did the initial heavy lifting, including sifting through more than 9,000 responses from the public."

We can safely assume then that with this "good spread of regional backgrounds", the panel was likely not very American.

Beyond that it's being kept secret.

A basic element of democratic jurisprudence is the right of the accused to know the names of their judges. This secret tribunal nonsense is creepy totalitarian behavior for a creepy totalitarian organization.


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