65% of Dems Like Socialism

The Democrat defense against Bernie Sanders is in pretty poor shape. He, AOC, and the Squad have mainstreamed socialism among Democrats. Democrats openly running as socialists keep winning races. Including a mayoral election.

And, in this latest poll, 65% of Dems have a positive reaction to socialism. Only 29% have a negative reaction.

Among self-described "liberals", 75% like socialism. Only 23% don't.

But much of that is driven by a rise in support for socialism among younger people and minorities.

When you break it down by race, only 33% of white people have a positive reaction to socialism, while 61% have a negative one.

These numbers are largely reversed among most minority groups with 49% of Hispanics, 52% of 'others', and 60% of black respondents.

There's no significant difference by educational background.


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