After Kamala Train Wreck, Biden Wrecks Relations w/UK

Didn't the Democrat media spend the last four years telling us how the Trump administration had alienated the world? Yet we had better relations back then while the Biden administration has been picking fights with a range of countries.

Especially allies. Like Israel and the United Kingdom.

President Joe Biden has issued an extraordinary rebuke to Boris Johnson after arriving in the UK for the G7 summit, accusing the UK government of risking the Northern Ireland peace process over Brexit.

In a rare diplomatic move, Biden ordered America's most senior diplomat in the country, Yael Lempert, to rebuke the UK's Brexit Minister, Lord Frost, for "inflaming" tensions in Ireland and Europe, the Times of London reported.

Lempert read out a so-called demarche - a formal diplomatic memo which is normally only exchanged between nation-states in dispute with each other- to Frost amid growing tensions in Europe over Britain's reluctance to implement the terms of its Brexit deal with the EU

Yael Lempert is an Obama creature who became infamous for her campaign against Israel. Why is she in the UK? Suffice it to say it's not good news for anyone except enemies of the United States and the United Kingdom.

Basically this is a signal that the Biden administration is reviving Obama's shameless campaign against Brexit.

Biden is not just an enemy of Israel, but of the UK. And of all free nations, including the United States. The British government will have to respond accordingly to this shameless provocation by the senile thug and his corrupt totalitarian regime.


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