"Believe All Women... Unless They Accuse a Union Member"

It's easier to find a top New York elected official who has been accused of sexual misconduct than one who has. There are usually clues and hints. In the case of Governor Cuomo, being a psychopath is an obvious revelatory tell. Or there's pushing sex ed for children.

Comptroller Stringer Report: High Number of Middle and High School Students Aren’t Taught “Sex Ed”

“Our goal is to paint a broad picture for everyone with a stake in City schools, and to create a roadmap that ensures our kids are getting the comprehensive education they deserve. Most parents expect their schools to be teaching sex ed, and as our report shows, it isn’t happening,” Comptroller Stringer said. “We, as a city, are defined by how we treat our children. Yet, when just a fraction of eighth grade students are getting mandated instruction, I’m alarmed. That’s why I’m calling on the DOE to implement a Chancellor’s Regulation that guarantees sexual health education for all middle and high school students.”

The number of Stringer accusers is now up to two. Stringer isn't denying it. He's claiming he was a different person back then.

The woman, Teresa Logan, claims she was a waitress and bartender at Uptown Local, an Upper West Side bar that Stringer co-founded and ran in 1992. In an interview with the Times, she said Stringer once groped her as she carried trays; made unwanted sexual advances, including kissing and groping, outside the workplace at least twice; and treated her in a manner that often made her uncomfortable.

In a statement to PIX11, Stringer did not deny the allegations.

“While I do not remember Ms. Logan, if I ever did anything to make her uncomfortable, I am sorry,” he said.

Stringer elaborated about his life at the time of the alleged incidents in a statement to the Times.

“Uptown Local was a long-ago chapter in my life from the early 1990s and it was all a bit of a mess,” Stringer said.

Does this mean that the United Federation of Teachers will pull its support from Stringer after backing him when the first accusation emerged?

The decision by New York City’s largest teachers union to stand by mayoral hopeful Scott Stringer as he fights a sexual-misconduct allegation has implications beyond the race to elect the next mayor of the most populous U.S. city. Its action stakes out a position on sexual harassment in any workplace or institution, not just political campaigns.

United Federation of Teachers President Michael Mulgrew said its continued support arises out of a traditional labor movement principle that any allegation against a union member shouldn’t just be presumed to be true.

“It has to be taken seriously, sure, but are we now saying as a society if there’s an allegation -- any allegation -- against anyone running for office it means that they automatically shouldn’t run?” Mulgrew said in an interview. “One reason why unions got formed is that people get treated unfairly. There are lots of allegations all the time in the work we do.”

The position is "Believe All Women... Unless They Accuse a Union Member... or a Political Ally".

These are absolutely the people we want teaching our kids.


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