Biden Forces Out Border Patrol Chief Who Refused to Call "Illegal Aliens", "Migrants"

While the Biden administration is focused on pushing racially divisive critical race theory on the military, it's also taking time out to trash what's left of border security. 

Border Patrol chief who supported Trump’s wall is forced out - AP

Biden administration forces out Border Patrol chief, a supporter of Trump’s policies. - NY Times

It's really something when the media not only says the quiet part out loud, but sticks it right there in the headline. 

During the Trump administration, the media feigned outrage that some of Obama's people were being pushed out. There were articles and op-eds about the dangers of politicizing agencies and undermining career personnel. Now the media is openly cheering when career professionals are forced out for... doing their jobs. 

Scott refused to fall in line with a Biden administration directive to stop using terms like “illegal alien” in favor of descriptions like “migrant.”

Either adopt the Newspeak or you will pay the price.

Earlier this year, Mr. Scott refused to follow a Biden administration directive to stop using the term “illegal alien” in reference to undocumented immigrants. Referring to immigration laws, which use the term, Mr. Scott said that public trust in the Border Patrol would continue to erode if its agents were forced to use terms “inconsistent with law.”

The Biden regime is inconsistent with the law.


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