California, Which Was a Free State, Pursues Slavery Reparations

California joined the United States as a free state. Its political system was largely dominated by opponents of slavery. Its first senator and the first Republican presidential candidate was John C. Fremont, who made Lincoln seem weak on the slavery question.

But that won't stop California's wokies from pursuing slavery reparations anyway.

A first-in-the-nation task force in California to study and recommend reparations for African Americans held its inaugural meeting Tuesday, launching a two-year process to address the harms of slavery and systemic racism despite the federal government's inaction.

Secretary of State Shirley Weber, who as a state assemblywoman authored the state legislation creating the task force, noted the solemnity of the occasion as well as the opportunity to right a historic wrong that continues today, in the form of large racial disparities in wealth, health and education. African Americans make up just 6% of California's population yet were 30% of an estimated 250,000 people experiencing homelessness who sought help in 2020.

What does that have to do with slavery?

California has plenty of homeless people, most of whom are white or black. You will see very few Asian homeless people.

Critics have said that California did not have slaves as in other states and should not have to study reparations— or pay for it. But Weber said the state is an economic powerhouse that can point the way for a federal government that has been unable to address the issue. 

Sure you're technically correct that California didn't have slaves, but it's an economic powerhouse so it has to pay for it anyway.

But don't worry, it's just California Democrats writing checks to themselves at your expense.


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