Colorado Comes After Christian Cakeshop Owner One More Time

The Left doesn't give up.

Sometimes it feels like leftists have been trying to destroy Masterpiece Cakeshop forever, but it's only been around a decade. And the small shop is now facing its fourth lawsuit all to compel one man to bake a cake.

A Denver court on Tuesday fined local bakery Masterpiece Cakeshop $500 after co-owner Jack Phillips refused to make a cake celebrating a transgender woman’s birthday and transition.

Autumn Scardina filed a lawsuit against Masterpiece Cakeshop in 2017, after the bakery refused to bake her a pink cake with blue frosting, symbolizing her gender transition.

I wrote about Mr. Scardina last year.

Philips believed that one of his tormentors was Autumn ‘Adam’ Charlie Scardina, a local lawyer, who at one point allegedly tried to order a red-and-black cake with an image of Satan on it.

The lawyer is demanding over $100,000 and a jury trial to punish Jack for the cake that wasn’t.

Scardina had not been placing an order in good faith, but seeking to entrap the cakeshop by first placing an order for a birthday cake and then announcing that it was also a gender transition cake.

That’s not how you order a cake, but that’s how a radical familiar with the law entraps a good man. And Scardina's site is titled, "Attorney and Activist". While Scardina accuses Philips of deception, it’s the “attorney and activist” who was being deceptive by misleadingly structuring the cake request.

Scardina claimed to have heard ads for Masterpiece Cakeshop in 2017 and ordered the cake in a "hopeful" mood. In fact, Scardina had been harassing Philips since 2012, sending him taunting emails that mocked his religion. The Satan cakes alone suggest a calculated pattern of harassment.

Despite claiming that the cake was needed to celebrate Scardina’s gender transition, the name Autumn appears all the way back in 2013 paperwork for the Adams County Department of Human Services. It even appears in the records of the California Bar Association. Since Scardina moved to Colorado in 2008, that cake order would have been a very belated celebration of the alleged gender transition.

The lawyer harassing Masterpiece Cakeshop had been working for Adams County for seven years. Scardina is familiar with the system and is exploiting it to harass a religious man for his beliefs.

This is a coordinated effort to move the case back up through the system in the hopes of legalizing his kind of violation of religious freedom. 

Leftists had lost the battle against Masterpiece Cakeshop, but the campaign is all about creating precedents for further eliminating the rights of individuals to dissent from the prevailing leftist dogma.

As the Alliance Defending Freedom filing notes, "Phillips has suffered enough. The state’s past prosecutions generated death threats and vandalism and cost Phillips seven years of his life, 40% of his family income, and most of his employees — harms that endure even though he eventually won his legal fights. This crusade against Phillips and his faith should stop once and for all."

Except there's no sign that it's going to stop. They're not just coming after Jack Phillips. They're coming after all Americans.

Denver District Court Judge A. Bruce Jones in his ruling. “This case is about one such product — a pink and blue birthday cake — and not compelled speech."

That's exactly what it's about. It's not about a cake, black or pink, it's about compelling everyone to take a knee to the Left.


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