The Critical Race Theory Prof Embedded as a Top Naval College 'Ethicist'

In today's article, A Racist Training Program for the U.S. Navy, I discussed CNO Gilday and the push for critical race theory in the Navy. It's part of the David Horowitz Freedom Center's confrontation with the push for critical race theory in the military.

A major vector for this stuff in the military is, somewhat unsurprisingly, academia. Academics there are as bad as academics anywhere. And sometimes even worse. That's also a significant explanation for the growing rot in the ranks. The system for 'teaching' is just as bad and it affects people higher up the career ladder more. 

Since we're talking about the Navy, here's what's going on at the Naval War College.

A professor at the Naval War College in Rhode Island delivered a lecture to sailors claiming that systemic racism is “in some ways” rooted in classical liberalism, and that a “focus on the individual” perpetuates it — citing Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey in her remarks at the military institution.

“That was gonna be an interesting test of academic freedom, because I did critical race theory as part of what I do academically,” Shanks Kaurin told an audience member. “So, that could have been really interesting.”


Shanks-Kaurin is a professor in the College of Leadership and Ethics at the U.S. Naval War College and the Admiral James B. Stockdale Chair in Professional Military Ethics

This is who's teaching ethics.

During a lecture on issues of national security, Professor Pauline Shanks Kaurin claimed racism and sexism in America is not the result of “a few bad apples.” Rather, she argued the entire American system is corrupted to the core.

She urged students to acceptable responsibility for living in a racist country.

“I did not personally enslave African Americans. I’m not sure any of my ancestors did…but the state of racism in our country and in my household is my responsibility, even if I don’t bear guilt for it.” the professor asserted.

During the lecture, which was posted to the college’s YouTube page in March, Professor Shanks Kaurin revealed she teaches CRT “academically.” She further disclosed she’s been selected by the Department of Defense to assist in the military’s “extremism stand-down” training.

Opposition to the racist Left is the new extremism.


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