Democrats Celebrate Juneteenth While Destroying Lincoln Statues

While Biden destroys the economy, which will hit minorities and black people hardest, he took a victory lap for making Juneteenth an official holiday. The only real beneficiaries of this will be government workers who will work less and taxpayers who will get less services for their money.

Juneteenth, like Latinx, is the obsession of a leftist virtue signaling machine that has no idea how actual minorities think and what they care about.

Few black people care about Juneteenth. And yet it's worth noting that over the summer, Black Lives Matter rioters, supported and endorsed by Biden and the Democrats, attacked statues of President Abraham Lincoln and even of the 'Glory' black soldiers who served in the Civil War. The man who actually freed the slaves is having his reputation destroyed by the Democrats even as they cheer Juneteenth.

Lincoln's birthday still isn't a national holiday. Worse still in the push to create Martin Luther King Day, both Washington and Lincoln's birthdays became more likely to be combined and displaced at a statewide level.

Biden and the Democrats could have taken the opportunity to honor Lincoln if they really opposed slavery. But slavery was a Democrat institution and so it's not surprising that Democrats choose Juneteenth over Lincoln's Birthday.

Abraham Lincoln, the man singularly responsible for freeing black Americans from Democrat rule, has had his legacy overturned by the political plantations of Democrats who created a new urban slavery to replace the old rural slavery with ballots instead of chains.


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