Kamala Can't Run the Country Or Even Manage Her Own People

Kamala Harris is a San Francisco socialite who hooked up with the right people, but never picked up the right skills for the various jobs she managed to secure. Unlike Obama, she isn't the front face of an organized team. Kamalaworld is whoever drifted into her orbit. 

Not only can't she run the country, let alone tackle any major problems, but she can't even manage her own people.

Her Veepness turns out to be an echo of the same mess as her campaign.

By then her campaign had broken out in spasms of vicious infighting between her sister Maya and campaign manager Juan Rodriguez who were only speaking to each through media leaks. Rodriguez had run Kamala’s Senate campaign and had the requisite skills to win elections in a corrupt one-party state. He was out of his depth competing in a national election and the dysfunctional campaign showed it.

Maya Harris had headed the ACLU in Northern California, then had a plum spot at the Ford Foundation, before becoming a senior advisor to the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016, and then as campaign chair for her sister. “Hillary really trusted her instincts,” John Podesta said of Maya. So did Kamala.

Kamala Harris for the People, the campaign brand, played off Kamala’s background as a prosecutor. But under Maya, that part of her resume, the biggest part that doesn’t involve Willie Brown, got buried. Maya pushed Kamala into the same radical policy space as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren while trying to compete for Joe Biden’s black voters. But Kamala and Maya were too detached from the black community to realize that South Carolina black voters wanted a more conservative candidate.

Instead of winning over leftists and black voters, Kamala lost both.

It won't surprise you to learn that Kamala's people are fighting again.

Kamala Harris’ chief of staff has effectively shut out several longtime of the vice president’s political and business world allies... Harris has not been returning phone calls to people who have considered themselves members of her inner circle, including donors and people who supported her Senate and White House runs, according to some of the people with knowledge of the situation. 

This is a dumb story, but it's also a symptom of an inept leader. When your people are taking shots at each other through the media, you've lost control of your operation.

And this keeps happening to Kamala.

Strong leaders have a team they trust and control. Weak leaders are constantly enmeshed in drama from those around them and never get anything done. 

Kamala is a weak leader. If you can even call her a leader at all.


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