Live by Identity Politics, Die by Identity Politics

Michael B. Jordan has been one of the most insufferable celebrity BLM supporters in the industry. And considering the sheer level of obnoxiousness in the industry, that's really saying something.

But when you live by identity politics, you fall by it too.

The actor launched a new product, and the title of it had online critics talking. Michael revealed he has a new rum brand called J’Ouvert.

West Indians objected to the name because J’Ouvert is a festival celebrating Caribbean culture. It’s held annually in Trinidad and Tobago and Grenada during Carnival and celebrated worldwide. 

The term J’ourvet is heavily Trini rooted and plays a significant role in the culture. A petition has nearly 10,000 signatures, attempting to block the trademark.

It should also be noted, the actor is seemingly trying to make a profit off a culture he has no connection with. Plus, due to the pandemic, the annual carnival had to go on pause, causing a mega revenue loss for the country. It’s understandable why some Trinis would be upset at Michael.

Identity politics is in the tribalism business. And expanding that business requires a CERN for identity politics which smashes every identity to create smaller identities and then force them to collide with each other. 

That's how you end up with one group of black people accusing another black person of cultural appropriation over the name of his rum.

It's also how In the Heights becomes the focus of a campaign because there aren't enough black people in a Latino movie.

Critical race theory is primarily about hating white people, but intersectionality is the atom smasher of identity politics pitting black people against gay people, infinitely expanding the sexual identity alphabet, and turning black people against each other. No tribalism is too minuscule to avoid picking a fight and dividing people by another micro-identity, forcing apologies and canceling everyone.


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