Majoritarian Democrats Warn of "Authoritarianism" From Minority Opposition Republicans

We truly live in the most Orwellian of worlds.

Democrats and their media keep warning of "authoritarianism". Do they mean their own "authoritarianism" considering that they've used their narrow congressional majority to plot a takeover of the country's elections, have tried to make their own government city of D.C. into a state with two of their own senators, and plotted to pack the Supreme Court, and abolish the filibuster.

The Democrats have done all this while arguing vocally that the majority party, no matter how narrow the majority, should have total and unrestricted power, while the minority party should have no say whatsoever. (Obviously this rhetoric would do a complete flip the moment they become the minority party again and dissent will go from being seditious insurrection to being the highest form of patriotism.)

The Democrat media has spent two weeks attacking Senator Manchin, the last moderate Senate Dem, for opposing their plans to completely control the political system. They've attacked Justice Breyer, a left-leaning liberal, for rejecting their plots against the Supreme Court.

After months of this circus (which included wrongly militarizing the nation's capital and trying to purge Republican members of the armed forces), the Democrat media also keeps warning about "looming authoritarianism".

What's the source of this "authoritarianism"? Not the ruling Democrat majority, but the mostly powerless Republican minority.

Truly, we live in the most Orwellian of worlds.


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