New York Times Canceled 15-Year-Old Girl Over Racial Slur, Defends Gov. Northam's KKK Costume

In cancel culture, as in everything else, the rules are very different for the leftist nomenklatura than they are for you and me.

Let's take two New York Times articles.

A Racial Slur, a Viral Video, and a Reckoning - New York Times

Ralph Northam Reflects on His Journey Back From the Edge - New York Times

The first is a celebratory article about how a leftist cretin ruined the life of a 19-year-old college student by promoting a video of her using a racial slur when she was 15, leading the University of Tennessee to cancel her admission. 

Here are two paragraphs from the two Times articles

"A high school student said a racial slur in a video. Her classmate posted it online to teach her a lesson, after she had chosen a university. Then came the backlash."

"When a racist picture was discovered on his yearbook page, the governor of Virginia refused to resign.  Now he's leaving office with a widely praised progressive record on racial justice."

Just so you understand the rules, if you're a "progressive" Democrat, the New York Times will touchingly profile how you got over posing as a klansman or in blackface, but if you're a 19-year-old cheerleader (presumably without the progressive record), it will destroy your life.

Lefty defenders of cancel culture, including at the New York Times, claim that it helps the "powerless" hold "powerful people" accountable.

That's a lie. And you can see the lie in the contrast between the Times giving a KKK governor a redemption arc while destroying a 19-year-old girl.


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