The PLO Didn't Want the Vaccine from Israel. They Wanted to Blame Israel for Not Having It

The story is a familiar one because it's the whole 'Palestinian' saga in microcosm.

1. The PLO and its various allies, especially in the media, cry that everyone in its territory is about to die because Israel won't give them the vaccine.

2. Israel offers vaccine doses.

3. The PLO finds a pretext for rejecting them.

In the macro, this has been the summary of every single negotiation with the PLO in which the terrorists make demands, Israel offers to meet them, and the PLO then blows up the negotiations.

It's hard to know what's more futile, the entire process or Israel's conviction that if it proves its good faith often enough, it won't have to keep going through this miserably pointless process.

The PLO, it goes without saying, couldn't care less about the welfare of the people under its rule. Medicine may be valuable in an economic sense, the terrorist groups routinely either resell medicine or charge non-profit aid groups for setting up shop there, but being able to blame Israel is politically valuable, which makes it priceless.


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