Poll: 53% of Hispanics Don't Like Critical Race Theory

If I were properly woke, I'd be reporting that as Latinx, but if I were properly woke, I'd also be identifying as a small shrub or a 50-foot statue of Paul Bunyan. Hispanics are not all that woke which is why they don't like Latinx or critical race theory.

This is a problem for Democrats which went all in on critical race theory, just like they did on police defunding.

Why is Governor Ron DeSantis whacking critical race theory while his prospective opponent, Nikki Fried, is falsely claiming that it's bogeyman? 

The YouGov/Economist poll has unhappy news for wokies.

The overall unfavorability of critical race theory clocks in at 58% to 38%. Only a quarter of the country is enthusiastic about it. 

And it's not who you might think.

Among white male college grads, 65% don't like it. Of those, 59% really don't like it. The numbers among white female college grads are a bit better, but still at 50% very unfavorable.  And the very favorable for white female college grads is at 27% which is only a few percent above average.

The only group that likes critical race theory is black people where 52% have a very favorable view of it, for a total of 68% who have a favorable view of CRT, but even there almost a quarter dislike it. 

Among Hispanics though, only 13% rank it very favorably. That's worse than the numbers among white men without college degrees.

42% do have an overall favorable impression of CRT, but 49% have a very unfavorable view of it and a total of 53% don't like it.

These are not helpful numbers for a demographic that Democrats desperately need to win elections.

When it comes to age, while young people are more positively inclined to CRT than older people, it scores best with those in the 30 to 44 age range. Among 18-29-year-olds, 41% have a very unfavorable view of it. 

Here's a final grim note.

53% of voters view it very unfavorably, but 58% of Biden voters have a very favorable response to it. As do Democrats.

How hollow is the Democrat base? This hollow.

71% of independent voters have a negative impression of critical race theory for a total of 76% unfavorable.

These are the numbers to understand for why Republicans are talking about critical race theory and the media is panicking and calling it a 'bogeyman' and a 'cheap political stunt'.


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