Rep. Omar Accuses Jewish Critics of Her Antisemitism of "Islamophobia"

I'm not Antisemitic. You're Islamophobic.

Rep. Ilhan Omar has one trick for responding to criticism about anything from her bigotry, her dubious financial ethics, or her odd familial situation. It doesn't matter what it is, it's Islamophobia. Or in modern intersectional parlance, "Islamophobic tropes".

There were some expectations that after Omar's outrageous behavior during the Hamas war against Israel that the few remaining pro-Israel Democrats who haven't been primaried out by the anti-semitic DSA and other AOC allies would break their silence and condemn her. When the condemnation came, it was tepid and weak. Instead of condemning Omar's hate, it only urged her to "clarify" her words.

A show of weakness impresses no one. Least of all radicals nurtured on critical race theory and tribal hatred. 

Rep. Omar struck back by accusing Jewish Democrat critics in Congress of "Islamophobic tropes" for criticizing her comments about Hamas and Israel. She didn't bother explaining what these tropes were, instead she took the usual approach of playing the victim by claiming that she was getting hateful calls. And naturally that makes her more of a victim than the people murdered by Islamic terrorists.

All of this was preordained.

The remaining moderate Democrats have neither the will nor the courage to take on the Marxists and Islamists. And when they do gently ask them to tone it down, they're attacked twice as hard and run away.  The Left took over the Democrats by promising to fight as hard as possible and that means escalating and radicalizing everything. Critics of the escalation and radicalization are dubbed sellouts.

And the hard, ugly truth is that your average resistance suburban mom who follows Debra Messing and Sarah Silverman on Twitter, and might do some sort of basic Passover service once a year (incorporating African-American and LGBT themes) is fine with this. The only thing they want to hear about is destroying Trump and the only antisemitism they want to hear about is a vaccine opponent wearing a yellow star. The murder of Jews couldn't possibly matter less to them and they're probably sending Omar money over ActBlue.


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