Seattle Hipster Converted to Islam, Joined ISIS to Behead Non-Muslims

When you can't make it to CHAZ, you have to settle for ISIS.

Elvin Hunter Bgorn Williams, 20, of Seattle, was taken into custody at the departure gate of the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport last Friday as he attempted to board a flight to Cairo, federal prosecutors said. After being arrested, Williams agreed to speak with agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and allegedly stated that he intended to become an "executioner" or a "machine-gunner" for ISIS, according to a criminal complaint unsealed Tuesday in the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington at Seattle.

"It doesn’t matter what you guys do to me. I get rewarded for it," Williams told the FBI agents, according to the complaint. "I want to die. We love our deaths more than you love your lives."

You would think that the defeat of ISIS would have significantly slowed the pace of American recruits, but that doesn't seem to have happened.

Williams wasn't headed to Iraq or Syria though. Instead, he was looking to hook up with an ISIS affiliate in the Sinai.

It's unclear when exactly Williams converted to Islam, but it seems to have happened in high school. Considering the level of Islamic indoctrination in the urban public school system, that's not so surprising.

The school administrators contacted the FBI and reported, among other things, that Williams told others at the school that he wanted to join ISIS and claimed that the May 2017 ISIS attack at a music concert in Manchester, United Kingdom, during which numerous people were killed and injured, was justified because the performer dressed provocatively

Williams still believed in ISIS when no one else did.

Williams participated in a group chat using the moniker “thatrussianmuslim,” during which Williams explained how he first learned about Islam. Williams also stated, “I was going to go and do my jihad in Iraq and Sham but the caliphate lost territory there . . .” In another group chat on or about November 18, 2020, Williams stated, “The caliphate will rise again soon inshAllah [Allah willing], the only reason it was defeated is they stopped people from making hijrah and funding the caliphate.” On February 15, 2021, Williams, using the account “ar_rusi_al_assad,” told another person online: “I will be martyred.”

Could still happen in prison.

Williams was playing with some local attack ideas in Seattle.

Williams: And this is what I asked him about. “Why don’t we do an ishtihadi [suicide] operation.” I already asked him about it before. “Come on do it with me. Let’s go fucking do the gay pride parade in downtown Seattle.” It’s one of the biggest pride parades in the United States. Plus, after COVID hits, there is going to be tons of people wanting to go to the gay pride parade...

Williams: And it’s a straight drive! So, if we get a semi-truck, we can drive all the way through the parade and not have to stop once. Literally, [a] semi will go through everything. And then we can get out and shoot (laughs)

There were lots of fantasies about murdering non-Muslims or Kuffar.

Williams further stated, “I wish to see the kuffar as I kill them, I want to strike terror in them and make Allah pleased for doing so.” 

...During the same meeting, Williams and CHS-2 watched several violent ISIS related videos that Williams accessed over the internet. While they viewed the videos, Williams stated, “Man, I really want to behead the, they make me executioner.” CHS-2 asked, “You want to beheading people? Are you full okay with that? Are you okay with blood?” Williams replied, “Yeah, 100%, man."


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