Senator Kyrsten Sinema Getting the Full Republican Treatment

After a few weeks of accusing Senator Manchin of being the new edition of Jim Crow, the smart leftist money has settled on treating Senator Kyrsten Sinema like a Republican. Beyond the barrage of media hit pieces, that means running ad campaigns against her and protesting outside her office.

 Ten people were arrested Tuesday during a protest outside the Phoenix office of Sen. Kyrsten Sinema. 

The demonstration came the day after the Democratic Senator voiced her support of the "filibuster," a Senate rule that requires 60 votes to pass most bills. Those who oppose the filibuster say lawmakers use it to block legislation.

Protesters carried signs that read "End the filibuster," and "Protect Our Democracy," and "Shame! Shame!"

I like how ending free elections and any check on the power of a narrow majority is being described as protecting democracy.

Manchin would be getting this kind of treatment right now but for the fact that there's a shortage of leftists in his home state and not even AOC takes the idea of primarying him seriously.

Sinema is a more viable target. Even before this, she was bleeding support among Democrats. Especially young Dems. Her strategy was nailing down independents and getting Democrats angry at help may be helping.

But some of this is about sending a message. Even when it's futile. Otherwise why harass Justice Breyer in the expectation that while he can't be talked into stepping down, maybe he can be berated into stepping down.

The real message here is that lefties are dangerous and Breyer and Sinema reacted accordingly.


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