Talking to Tucker Carlson About Biden's Military Purge (VIDEO)

Yesterday, I joined Tucker Carlson to discuss the Biden CEWG purge of the military.

A few weeks ago my article, Biden Brings in Islamic Activists to Investigate U.S. Military for 'Extremism', delved into some of the connections of the consultants that the Countering Extremism Working Group had brought in. 

Including Islamists.

On Tucker's show, I laid out the CEWG agenda, which he compared to Soviet political commissars, to reconstruct the military using a partisan definition of extremism.

Carlson asked investigative journalist Daniel Greenfield for further specifics on how Austin is reshaping the Pentagon and the military.

"It paints an unpleasant [picture] from the top-down: Bishop Garrison is leading the CEWG (Counter-Extremism Working Group) that Austin set up in order to create a new definition of extremism," Greenfield said.

"[Garrison's group] will define it and it is going to screen recruits in the military and it's punishing them if they lie about their past activities. It's going to be a point of contact for veterans warning them about extremism. And it's obviously going to regulate who gets into what kind of national security positions," Greenfield continued.

"They have gotten 18 experts to come in coordinate with CEWG in this extremism this definition. Only one of them has a military background and only two have a law enforcement background. The vast majority of them are partisan Democrats who supported Biden. And strangely enough, about a third of them are Muslim or from Islamic groups. Two of whom appear to not even be United States citizens but have worked with the United Nations."


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