What If Calling Manchin a Racist Doesn't Work?

The nuclear weapon of cancel culture is calling your enemies racists.

Democrats and their media have been walking right up to the line of calling Senator Manchin a racist for refusing to go along with their plot to rig state elections on a nationwide level, or eliminate the filibuster.

There's been a lot of headlines with Manchin and Jim Crow in the same sentence. They don't quite call Manchin a racist, but they strongly suggest that he's enabling racism.

After a week of this, the media reports bafflement that this isn't working.

The media can't quite call Manchin a racist because then it would have to own its own accusations that it has a racist senator. Obviously, the media has a history of shrugging off this stuff a few minutes later when the political circumstances change, take Biden, Kamala, and the busing debate, but it would still be inconvenient to cancel Manchin, whom it's still going to need.

But it's D.C. so there's a double game. As usual.

Senate Democrats, a number of whom oppose ending the filibuster because it would weaken their own influence, have made Manchin the public face of the campaign because he's not going to be cancelled, and it helps his own performance.

Senator Manchin ends up in better shape to stave off a Republican challenge the more the media goes after him. And Senate Democrats who might be potentially more vulnerable get cover. This means favors that they'll pay Manchin back for later.

The media and the Left (but I repeat myself) is baffled at how to crack this wall. They're nervously contemplating going nuclear and calling Manchin a racist and then worriedly contemplating what happens if that doesn't work. 


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