America's Greatest Serial Killer Declares Disaster Emergency on Gun Violence

Governor Andrew Cuomo, who has killed more people than any serial killer in history, has announced that he's declaring a disaster emergency on gun violence.

New York could just go back to arresting and locking up criminals. The very same criminals shooting each other in unprecedented numbers before the pro-crime lobby decided to get rid of bail, defund the police, and unleash race rioters to demand the end of law enforcement.

Or declare a "disaster emergency on gun violence".

Since Cuomo isn't about to take on the Left, at least not until the primaries and very carefully even then, given the choice between attacking the policies of his own party and attacking inanimate objects, he's going to declare an inanimate object emergency disaster.

The real emergency disaster in New York is the Democrats. But you can't declare a disaster emergency on an insane socialist party wrecking the state and its major city. Nor can you declare one on gun violence which, contrary to whatever nonsense Cuomo's remaining aides dictated in between working on his latest book and fighting off his groping attempts, is not a public health crisis.

Sending infected coronavirus patients to nursing homes is a public health crisis. Gang members shooting each other is a criminal crisis.

"This declaration will allow us to give this crisis the full attention & resources it deserves," Cuomo declared. The only resources that are needed already exist.

They're the cops, the courts, and the jails. Use them or lose your state.

Democrats are fond of declaring abstract crises and then trying to get to their root causes while getting as far away as possible from their direct causes.

Nearly 90 percent of suspects arrested on gun charges this year are back on the streets, which the NYPD says has fueled a historic spike in shootings that have left more than 1,756 dead or wounded.

About 3,345 of the 3,793 perps arrested between Jan. 1 and Nov. 30 for firearms crimes — 88 percent — were let go, according to department data. Just 450 remain in jail, the NYPD told The Post.

Some of the suspects posted bail, but judges were required to release others under new reform laws that prohibit them from setting monetary bail on some gun-possession cases. The crime became ineligible for bail in most circumstances under the Jan. 1 law changes, which mandate judges to release collared suspects, with no money down, on hundreds of charges considered “non-violent.”

The NYPD has repeatedly blamed this year’s stunning 96-percent surge in shootings on the loosened bail laws and early release of prisoners due to COVID concerns.

“We have made staggering numbers of gun arrests, taking guns off the streets from felons … but when you look, three days later, four days later, those individuals are back on the street committing more gun violence,” NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said Tuesday while announcing shootings have climbed to 1,433 and are on track to reach a 14-year high by the end of 2020. By Thursday, the NYPD had logged an additional 18 shootings, bringing the total to 1,451, the department said.

On second thought, maybe you can declare the Democrats a public health emergency.


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