Are Dems Trying to Trigger New School Shutdowns?

Democrat vaccine mandates are at least for now avoiding the straight mandate. Rather they're a false choice between vaccination and constant testing. (Masking is no longer optional, but will be mandatory for all regardless of vaccination status.)

The choice is false because there's one right answer and the other answer is just intended to push people to get vaccinated.

(This isn't a conspiracy theory, plenty of health experts and politicians have said it outright.)

The next stage is nudging people back to shutdowns by making the alternatives onerous. At least for those organizations, namely schools controlled by corrupt teachers' unions, that want to bully students out of schools and back to "remote learning".

The Los Angeles Unified School District will require all students and employees who are returning for in-person instruction to participate in weekly COVID-19 testing — regardless of vaccination status, the district announced Thursday.

LAUSD, the nation’s second-largest school district, had previously said that fully vaccinated students and employees would not require testing. But as schools district-wide prepare to reopen for in-person instruction on Aug. 16, L.A. Unified said it’s closely monitoring evolving health conditions and adapting its response.

In addition to regular testing, safety measures will include: masking for all students, staff and visitors; 

The teachers' unions are looking for any pretext to close schools so that teachers don't have to do their jobs and so that the unions can leverage reopenings for more demands.

LAUSD, in theory, wants to avoid any pretext for a shutdown by creating onerously miserable conditions very similar to the ones that were being used to nudge people into making the approved choice, which is a school shutdown.

But I'm skeptical that any degree of misery will make parents go along with school shutdowns.


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