Ballot Harvesting is Racist, Banning It Isn't

Arizona's ban on ballot harvesting to protect voter integrity and the Supreme Court's lawful ruling to uphold the ban has occasioned a torrent of outcries about racism from everyone from the guy who writes Biden's press releases on down through the Democrat mainstream media.

Ballot harvesting fights inequity, they insist, while banning it will make it harder for minorities to vote. 

There's a reason that Democrats link ballot harvesting to minorities, and it's not because they believe that minorities are less able than white people to wait in line to cast their vote, or apply for a mail-in ballot.

It's because Democrats make a point of using ballot harvesting to prey on minorities. They send harvesters to minority neighborhoods the way that scammers going door-to-door with other schemes target minorities. 

Why do Democrats target minorities with ballot harvesting schemes? Because they believe that minorities are easier to manipulate.

Ballot harvesters target immigrants who don't speak English, marginalized groups who can be persuaded or bribed to engage in massive ballot schemes in which a single harvester can deliver dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of ballots.

This is an actual attack on democracy, it's sleazy and yes, it's racist.

Banning ballot harvesting protects the integrity of our elections and protects minorities from being preyed on by racist Democrat harvesters.


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