Biden Gives Speech at National Constitution Center Calling for End to Constitution

While American cities drown in violence caused by Democrat pro-crime policies and a generation of children have been set back by pandemic closings and the destruction of educational curriculums, the Democrats are making their plot to federalize and rig elections their top priority.

Democrats call their attack on the Republic and the Constitution, "voting rights".

Their idea of "voting rights" means absolute power for Democrats who would be empowered to turn America into California, a place where elections don't matter and the two-party system, and any vestige of democracy, is deader than Lincoln.

Biden, toting along his teleprompters and cliches, took this despicable campaign against the Constitution to the National Constitution Center where he delivered a speech spreading lies and misinformation about our system of elections and state voter integrity laws.

The Democrats are obsessed with dismantling voter integrity and replacing legitimate elections with ballot harvesting by their activists. They're at war with the Constitutional vision of the Framers which envisioned states running their own elections, instead of a federal authority controlling everything.

Biden's disastrous push for Pelosi's H.R.1 election-rigging bill is already dead in the water because even Senate Democrats won't vote for it.

But Biden and the Democrats insist on continuing to push the big lie that they're protecting voting rights when they're actually out to end them.


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