Biden Plots to Raise Car Prices by 20% to End Working Class Car Ownership

A feature, not a bug.

Environmentalists want to end private vehicle ownership (they get to keep their Teslas obviously, you don't get to keep your Chevy). Instead of going the direct route, they've been pushing for impossible regulations that would essentially make affordable cars all but non-existent.

Much as hiking gas prices and housing prices is a plan, not an unintentional effect of the horrible Biden economy.

And after 'Middle Class Joe' made houses unaffordable, he's working on cars. Not just in the short term the way they are now, but in the long term.

Tesla already built its company on the same California business model of electric cars which depends on stealing from working-class and middle-class car buyers to finance progressive wealthy electric car owners. 

But that's nothing compared to what's coming.

 In a major step against climate change, President Joe Biden is proposing a return to aggressive Obama-era vehicle mileage standards over five years, according to industry and government officials briefed on the plan. He’s then aiming for even tougher anti-pollution rules after that to forcefully reduce greenhouse gas emissions and nudge 40% of U.S. drivers into electric vehicles by decade’s end.

More accurately, he's going to nudge 30% of drivers out of vehicle ownership entirely because even with subsidies and tax credits, they're not going to be able to afford electric cars. And since electric cars are a parasitic entity, depending on the sales of real cars, the fewer real cars are sold, there's less money available for subsidizing electric cars. When you kill the host, the parasite has less money to feed off.

The proposed rules would begin with the 2023 car model year, applying California’s 2019 framework agreement on emissions standards reached with Ford, Volkswagen, Honda, BMW and Volvo, according to three of the officials. The California deal increases the mileage standard and cuts greenhouse gas emissions by 3.7% per year.

Requirements ramp up in 2025 to Obama-era levels of a 5% annual increase in the mileage standard and a similar cut in emissions. They then go higher than that for model year 2026, one of the people said, perhaps in the range of 6% or 7%.

It was estimated that California standards would add $3K to the cost of a new car.

Adding $3,000 to the price of a $15,000 car also has a greater impact than adding the same $3,000 to a $30,000, let alone $60,000 or $90,000 car. This Californian policy of increasing the cost of buying a few car strikes directly at the lowest-income Americans. It’s clearly a policy designed in the Ivory towers of the most affluent California ZIP codes.

What would the impact of raising car prices by a fifth be on people who are already struggling to be able to afford a car?

To environmentalists, making cars unaffordable for most Americans is a deliberate strategy. And 'Middle-Class Joe' is the front man for the relentless war of California billionaire environmentalists against the working class.


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