"California Dream" is Alive and Well Says Gov of Failed State Everyone is Fleeing

There are two dreams alive in California.

1. The dream of getting high and lying in the sun while contributing to the "homeless crisis"

2. The dream of making a fortune working as a consultant on the homeless crisis for the government

Also the dreams of creating a dysfunctional racially polarized state where students are indoctrinated with racism in schools and a one-party legislature spends money as if there's no tomorrow, radical environmentalists get their craziest wish lists passed, and all the other lefty dreams are alive and well.

While much of the population is fleeing the state, Governor Newsom is arguing that everything is just fine. Except when he's not whining that if the Dems don't save him from the recall election triggered by California's miserable state, Republicans will take over America.

The Democratic governor, who faces a recall election Sept. 14, said he doesn’t think people are really considering the question of what happens if he loses.

A modest man. A humble man. A man with a sense of proportion.

“I don’t think the national Democratic Party’s asking themselves that question,” Newsom said during the interview with the editorial boards of The Sacramento Bee, The Fresno Bee, The Modesto Bee and The Tribune of San Luis Obispo. “If this was a successful recall, I think it would have profound consequences nationwide, and go to not just politics, but to policy and policymaking.”

Save me, DNC megadonors. You're my only hope.

During the wide-ranging, hour-long interview, Newsom vehemently defended his record on housing, homelessness and the environment. He pointed to the record-breaking funding he’s poured into housing and homelessness programs despite the pandemic.

And, bafflingly, despite spending all that money, the homeless crisis is worse than ever before, but Newsom's allies are doing pretty well.

He said he’s particularly proud of the record-breaking education spending he negotiated with lawmakers this year in the budget, which implements a host of policies, including adding a new grade to California schools called transitional kindergarten and increases funding for summer school.

Transitional kindergarten doesn't matter a damn when schools are shut down. After a year of schools being shut down (not the private ones his kids go to) and threats of the same thing happening again this fall, nobody cares about his latest set of giveaways to unions at the expense of parents.

“I‘m a future ex-governor. It could happen in a few weeks, it could happen in a few years, but I love this damn state,” he said. “The California dream ... I think is still alive and well.”

Alive and well.

10% of LA County residents plan to leave next year.

California lost a House seat for the first time in its history.

Murders in California increased by a third last year.

The state is not affordable, it's running out of water and power (even as Newsom brags about pushing more electric cars) and people are getting out. 

So how is that dream alive and well for anyone not named Gavin Newsom who can dine at the French Laundry even when most places are shut down, whose businesses get bailed out, and who gets to live his life even while everyone else is losing theirs?


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