Cuba Shows BLM Is Not the Oppressed, It's the Oppressors

Black Lives Matter worships black nationalist terrorist Assata Shakur. And Shakur is being harbored by Cuba's Communist regime. So there was never any possibility that BLM would even faintly criticize Cuba.

If there's any totalitarian regime that BLM would support to the death, it would be Cuba.

BLM is hardly alone in that regard. The American Left is closely aligned with Communist Cuba. The DSA openly pushed Cuban regime propaganda in response to the protests. And that's relatively mainstream compared to the swamp that you'll find on the Trotskyist, Tankie, Assange/Assadist base of the movement where everything is a CIA conspiracy by capitalists against the "Cuban people".

The lefties with some mainstream capital, Bernie Sanders and AOC, have tried to have it both ways, endorsing the right to protest while blaming the protests on the embargo.

BLM bypassed the whole right to protest by attacking the embargo and praising Cuba for harboring Shakur.

And to remind everyone that only one group of people's lives matter,  and only when they support the right cause, praised Cuba's Communist regime for its support for "black liberation".

Under pressure, BLM responded with some weaseling, without actually expressing support for the protesters, opposition to the regime, or condemnation of police violence against protesters in Cuba.

All this ought to do is remind everyone that

1. Black Lives Matter is indeed a Marxist organization. Despite protests from media fact-checkers, its founders admitted to being Marxists. You're not going to get a Marxist group to oppose Communist Cuba. 

2. BLM is also a racialist group and couldn't care less about anything except the B in its title. Cuba does have a black population which has been repressed by the authorities, but they're not the right kind of B. Which is to say, they're neither African-Americans, in the local sense, nor are they black nationalists or members of black liberation movements, which means BLM doesn't give a damn.

...and most importantly...

3. BLM is not a representative of the oppressed, but of aspiring oppressors. It does not seek to restore civil rights, but to eliminate them. Its strategic use of victimhood in America, much as Marxist groups have always done, is a sham. It's a revolutionary organizing employing political terror in support of a totalitarian regime in the United States.

And around the world.



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