The Dem Victory March Has Become a Procedural Slog

What began with bold promises and an aggressive agenda has in the dog days of summer come down to a procedural mess.

The Democrats will probably get big chunks of their financial pork through, but the battle against the filibuster and the even grander ambitious election-rigging and nation-seizing agendas that come with it have increasingly stalled in the very familiar Washington D.C. bog.

When the big news out of D.C. consists of partisan hearings, it's a sign that the virtue-signaling grift has overtaken any real results.

The big news, a push for renewed masks and more Jan 6 hearings (or rather battles over the makeup of the committee) makes it feel like no time has passed since January. 

That's bad news for the Dems who have a ticking clock until the midterm elections to get things done.

With the Dems in control of the White House, the Senate, and the House, Congressional Republicans have adopted stalling tactics. And, unlike most anything else, stalling is the one thing that anyone in Congress can do halfway well. Conservatives can't count on House or Senate Republicans, but they can count on them to drag things out while trying to play both sides at the same time. Fortunately, that's what lefties can also count on Senate Democrats to do leading to the prolonged infrastructure negotiations mess still underway.

The losers, in the long-term, will be the American people, but in the short term, Biden is burning through his honeymoon phase and the Democrats, faced with plummeting poll numbers over crime and illegal migration, not to mention inflation, are pivoting back to COVID.

This isn't what winning looks like.

Since the big agenda rolled out, enough Senate Democrats made it clear that they were not about to sacrifice their political power and clout for a leftist coup. Biden has proved unable to get anything done, and Congress has been doing what it usually does, which is nothing.

There are a ton of bills that will never pass. There are hearings that don't matter and attempts to distract the public from the fact that very little is actually happening. The question is how will the lefty megadonors who powered the lefty money machine that swamped previous campaigns react to what they see as a betrayal? Will they primary incumbents or pull out of big spending on the midterm elections?

Either one could turn the current malaise into a massive Democrat disaster.


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