Democrats Rank Biden Above Lincoln, JFK, and FDR

As the cultural revolution of Year Zero continues, it probably won't surprise you too much to learn that 1 in 5 Democrats have a negative view of Thomas Jefferson, arguably a founder of their party, or that 43 hate Andrew Jackson, a more direct founder of the party.

Woodrow Wilson, once the champion of a new leftist Democrat Party, is now loathed by 1 in 5 Democrats.

You won't be too surprised to learn that Obama is worshiped by Democrats as the living incarnation of the messiah of hope and change, ranking higher than all of the presidents of the past, but you may be slightly more surprised to learn that Biden comes in second.

Yes, Biden has joined the ranks of the immortals, topping JFK, Lincoln, and even FDR, who once had his own cult of personality. Bill Clinton breaks even with George Washington, but Biden is only second to Obama in this new grand revisionist history in which America was born out of slavery in 1619, the police came into being to catch slaves in 1962, and Biden is the second greatest American in human history.

When you hate America and its history, you really will believe anything.


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