Dems Are Pivoting Back to the Pandemic Because They're Giving Up On Recovery

The plan was simple. And it was a good plan.

After the lockdown and BLM riots devastated America, all the Biden regime had to do was reopen the country and take credit for the recovery. 

But the plan ran into a few major land mines.

1. The BLM movement and Democrat pro-crime policies had touched off a massive crime wave which polls show more people are concerned about than the pandemic.

Dems are unable to tackle crime because they had adopted the black nationalist claim that criminals are victims and police are evil.

All they can do is talk gun control which isn't going to be enough.

2. Inflation is skyrocketing and the economy is getting shaky. The only Democrat response has been a push to spend more money. But their infrastructure push turned out to be mostly pork and welfare state nonsense and got stalled because the party elites decided to tie it to a push to shut down the filibuster and federalize elections. Even a number of Senate Dems aren't going for that.

So it's time to pivot back to the pandemic. It's an area where their poll numbers are solid.

And so we've gone from a reopening push to a renewed shutdown push in a short amount of time.

Dems thought that they could use the pandemic to build a political power base and then move on from that, but now they're pulling right back to their original fortress, complete with virtue signaling about vaccines, and attacks on Republicans over pandemic safety.

It's lame and of increasingly little interest to most Americans. But together with the media, they're betting that they can make it last a little longer by stirring up a renewed sense of panic.

But they might want to listen to Alinsky and his warning about tactics that have become a drag. 

Dems can't keep dining out on the pandemic. If they do, they're done.


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