Dems Will Force 3-Year-Olds to Wear Masks, Won't Stop Flood of Coronavirus Illegal Aliens

The Democrat elites briefly pretending that things could go back to normal. Then, with economic numbers tanking and vaccination rates slowing, they decided to dive right back into letting their teachers' unions force 3-year-olds to wear masks in school.

While Texas Democrat fleebaggers did manage to infect the House Speaker's office and the White House on their public stunt, children will have to wear masks for the privilege of having AFT members do their jobs.

And the flood of coronavirus-infected illegal aliens continues because, like AFT members, they're a crucial Democrat voting bloc.

The number of detainees who tested positive for COVID-19 in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) Sector alone has increased by 900%, according to information obtained by Fox News.

If this were a Florida beach, a Democrat activist dressed like the grip reaper would show up for his 15 minutes. If it were a church wedding, we'd see a hundred media hit pieces about those selfish people who decided to get married.

The same media that recently claimed children's parties were superspreader events has not a thing to say about its coronavirus illegal alien invaders.

The media which keeps lambasting Republicans and FOX News over the vaccine has nothing to say about the third of illegal aliens refusing the vaccine.

Much like the Black Lives Matter riots, it's not about health, it's about politics.


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