Fort Worth Replaced Cops w/Social Workers: A Mob Stoned a Gunman to Death

Send more social workers. Please.

Last year Fort Worth decided to cut the police budget and move money into civilian respondees to 911 calls.

At least one Democrat mayoral candidate openly called for police defunding.

When elected officials won't enforce the law, people will take the law into their own hands.

Two people were killed and three others hurt in a fight overnight Monday that led to a crowd chasing a shooter with landscaping bricks, Fort Worth police said. 

The violence began after an argument broke out during a small backyard gathering, police said. One person had gotten upset and left, but then came back with another person and got into a verbal fight with other people there. The person who was upset then shot someone, police said. That victim is expect to survive, per officials.

However, police said the crowd then started to chase the shooter, who turned and fired at people in the group. In response, police said some people picked up landscaping bricks and began to throw them at the shooter. 

The shooter either later fell or was taken down by the group, according to police, as the chase continued, at which point gunman shot at the group, hitting two more victims. One of those people died, while the other is expected to survive, police said.

The group hit the shooter multiple times with at least one landscaping brick, per police, and they died at the scene. 

Mobs stoning thugs to death is probably not what criminal justice reformers had in mind. But it's what happens in real life.



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