How Do You Run for Senate in Florida Without Having an Embargo Position?

Democrats have all but given up on Florida.

And while Rep. Val Demings' ActBlue fundraising page urges lefty New York and Cal donors to "Flip Florida Blue", expectations are low. 

They're so low that Demings managed to have no position on the Cuban embargo.

Democrat Val Demings, seeking a promotion to the U.S. Senate, refused to answer a question this morning on whether she supports the Cuba embargo. It’s a basic question, and one that any candidate running statewide in Florida should be able to answer.


Dems lost Florida in no small part over hostility to socialism from Cubans and other Hispanics. Running for office on nothing more than racial virtue signaling is really not going to cut it.

Demings, who last month announced her challenge to Rubio, has issued statements in support of Cuban protesters but has stopped short of advocating any changes in American policy. So Miami Herald reporter Alex Daugherty tried to pin Demings down on the embargo following the hearing and the Orlando Democrat “declined to take a position.”

On second thought — It was later in the day that Daniel Gleick, a spokesman for Demings clarified that she does support keeping the embargo but that the focus needs to be on those seeking change in Cuba and not “political games". 

You know when your spokesman is whining about "political games", it means they're out to sea.

Demings either ran for office with no position on the embargo or she's afraid of alienating the lefties who dominate the national media and the Democrats by endorsing it. This in a nutshell is why Democrats are being squeezed out in Florida. 

The squeeze has implications beyond Florida and Texas.

As harder issues, like critical racism theory in schools and the crime wave in major cities, dominate, the Democrats will be fatally split.


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