Kamala's Plan to Solve Open Borders Migration w/Regime Change in Latin America

If you loved the Arab Spring, you'll love the Marxist Latin American Summer.

After Kamala's disastrous Latin American trip, I warned that the media and even most conservatives had gotten the purpose of the trip wrong.

In May, Kamala met with a number of leftist opponents of Giammattei, including former Attorney General Thelma Aldana, who had targeted conservative politicians with corruption charges, before herself being charged with corruption. Instead of returning home to face those charges, she received political asylum in the United States. Her social media is full of praise for Kamala Harris’ trip to Guatemala, and her promises to end "corruption" in Guatemala.

Angry protesters that greeted Kamala at the airport waving banners and signs reading "Kamala, Mind Your Own Business", "Kamala, Go Home", "Kamala Trump Won", and “Kamala Stop Funding Criminals".

Those signs might have been confusing to Americans who get their news from the media bubble which left them completely unprepared to understand what was really going on.

Guatemalans saw her as prepping a leftist coup by backing leftist organizations and activists.

Unsurprisingly, the new official Biden-Harris strategy for coping with illegal migration leans heavily on regime change.

Vice President Kamala Harris said Thursday that efforts to address root causes of migration from three Central American countries won't produce immediate results 

Or any results involving the border.

Instead, Dems are using the border crisis for demographic change inside America and for political change outside America. That's the type of creative and innovative thinking that lefties are good at and that Republicans aren't. While they do three things in one, Republicans barely do one thing.

The 'root cause' of migration is America's wealth and welfare system. The only way to stop it is by closing the border and ending the asylum treaties that force us to admit illegal aliens.

Dems have no intention of doing any of that. But they'll happily push Marxist regime change south of the border.

Harris said the United States alone cannot tackle deep-seated motives for people to leave Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, including corruption, violence and poverty. 

Two out of three of those countries, Guatemala and Honduras, have right-wing leaders. 

As I noted, the Biden regime is specifically targeting Guatemala's conservative government while boosting its Marxist opponents.

Harris noted that she recently traveled to Guatemala, “where one of the largest challenges is corruption.” On Tuesday, the Biden administration said it suspended cooperation with Guatemala’s Attorney General’s Office after the firing of the agency's top anti-corruption prosecutor, saying it "lost confidence” in the country's willingness to fight corruption.

Hunter Biden's art dealer could not be reached for comment.



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