Media to Americans: You Don't Understand How Great This Biden Economy Is

If runaway inflation were pricing Americans out of the middle class at an unprecedented rate under a Republican White House, that's all we would hear about. Since Biden is in the White House the media has resorted to frantically spinning the economy in defiance of reality.

The media has become a Democrat echo chamber repeating misleading claims about "rapid growth". Yes, when you artificially shut down the economy and then start opening it up again (before then threatening to close it down yet again), you will get growth. Just as if you stop a car on the road and then start driving 30 miles an hour, you'll have a massive "increase" in speed from a purely statistical perspective.

In the real world, this spin isn't working with small businesses and people who are seeing prices on everything from homes to used cars to basic staples spin out of control.

In the classic example of desperate spin, Bloomberg headlined its inflation story, "White House shifts messaging on inflation as Republicans attack".

Homes and gas became unaffordable and then Republicans pounced is a hell of a take, but what else would you expect not only from a media outlet owned by a billionaire who spent a fortune on the Democrat cause, but the entire mainstream media which is no better.

The media's problem though is that you can fool people when it comes to abstractions, like systemic racism, that they don't personally experience, but you can't do it on crime or the economy where they have direct experience.

It doesn't work and the polls show that despite the media lies, it isn't working.


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