Member of Police Defunding Group Killed Vietnam Vet in Hijacking

Police defunding and alternatives to policing means letting criminals run the streets and terrorize innocent people.

Chicago, like a number of other cities, is dedicated to proving that with spiraling crime rates and horrifying acts of violence.

Two teenagers have been charged in connection with the killing of a 73-year-old Marine veteran who was beaten to death during an attempted carjacking in Hyde Park.

Keith Cooper was running some errands Wednesday afternoon in a small shopping plaza in the 5300 Block of South Kimbark Avenue, Chicago police said.

Cooper exited his vehicle and walked towards the CVS. A 17-year-old juvenile suspect then approached Cooper from behind and snatched the keys from his hand, prosecutors said. 

The key fob fell to the ground and the second suspect, 18-year-old Frank Harris, picked it up. 

The suspects approached the driver’s side of Cooper's vehicle. The juvenile suspect stayed on the driver's side, while Harris went to the passenger's side, prosecutors said.

Cooper called out for help and demanded his keys back from the juvenile suspect. 

Harris then walked around the rear of the vehicle and punched Cooper in the head from behind. 

Cooper was seen on surveillance video grabbing his head and taking a step back, prosecutors said. He then approached the juvenile suspect again, and the juvenile pushed Cooper in the torso area.

Cooper demanded his keys back again, prosecutors said. 

Prosecutors said Harris was sentenced to two years of probation on May 13 for a prior aggravated carjacking. Harris was also involved with the violence prevention youth group Good Kids Mad City in the recent past.

Good Kids Mad City is one of those "alternatives to policing" groups that the media keeps touting while claiming that it prevents violence.

There's nothing wrong with trying to set up groups that discourse teens from getting involved in crime, but Good Kids Mad City was also involved in police defunding.

Young Chicagoans came together Saturday in a march to end gun violence.

The young people say they have the solutions to stop the violence. And they believe the city should shift some resources from the Chicago Police Department to their organizations.

Two groups, The Love Train and GoodKids MadCity, organized the march.

These marchers are calling for more resources for their communities.

"We need to defund the police and fund the community. We need more mental health clinics. We need better schools," Tennyson said.

GoodKids MadCity has a peace book that details their plans to improve neighborhoods in the city.

"We are currently trying to get Mayor Lightfoot to get 2% of the Chicago Police Department's budget so that we can use that money," Boyd said.

Jai Simpson, with GoodKids MadCity, agreed.

"We do not need policing. We need peace and equity," Simpson said.

Keith Cooper really needed policing because policing violent thugs is the only way you get peace. 

Here's Good Kids Mad City in Baltimore.

Demonstrations against police brutality and racial injustice have taken over many streets across America’s major cities — and that was no different Tuesday night as youth organizers in North Baltimore shouted chants that rang through the neighborhood.

The protest, organized by members of Good Kids Mad City, drew about 60 people. It came on the heels of no officers being charged last week in the death of Breonna Taylor during a botched raid on her apartment in March in Louisville Kentucky.

“Say no, no to the po', po,” demonstrators said Tuesday night. A similar chant has been heard throughout Baltimore during this year at other demonstrations.

The protesters, with a “Defund BPD” banner in front, then went along East 33rd Street.

When there's no 'po po', people get beaten to death by Good Kids Mad City thugs.


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